Thursday, 20 May 2010


i miss the way you used to hold me whenever you could.
i miss your hand on my knee.
i miss the days where it wasn't always me reaching out to hold your hand when we walk.
i miss the passion.
i miss when you were affectionate at every opportunity.
i miss your kisses.
i miss the boy who made me laugh almost all the time.
i miss when you'd let me tickle you.
i miss the way you used to look at me like i held the world in my hands, like i was the world.

where's my boy gone? i know he's still there, but i'm finding it hard to find him again.

come back please.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

they tore me apart like a hurricane.

i absolutely hate feeling like this. helpless. lost. confused. angry. did i mention, lost?

you're really bugging me. someone needs to shout at you. find your own boys to like, don't talk like mad to boys that'll never love you the way a boy should.
for goodness sake. just sort yourself out.
you're up and down all the time, more than the average girl, and believe me it irritates most of the people around you more than you'll ever know. we're too fucking nice to say anything about how whiney and irritating you can be sometimes. because we're your friends and deep down we love you too much to hurt you by being so harsh.

but honestly? right now i want to be that harsh because you're just messing with the wrong person.

he's the type of boy you'd fall for. i know it so.
because i did too.

but please, i'd never talk that much to one of your friends that i didnt know.
and liking that? oh my god do you want a slap? cause next time i see you - you're heading towards getting one.

you can't ever love him like i do, you won't ever care as much as i do. so don't even go there, or i will be forced to shout at you until i'm finally through with being your friend.

don't dare me, because i'll carry it through.

Saturday, 15 May 2010